Abdul Baqi






The challenges, constraints and opportunities which are being faced by the youth varies from region to region and culture to culture. In most of the developing countries, young people are without opportunities, information and services which they need to reach their full potential. In order to have a vibrant and progressive society, the channelization of youth is required for all societies, nations and countries.


From forced early marriages, poverty, lack of education and health, armed conflicts, unemployment, sectarianism, terrorism, free access to justice and information, violence, abuse of merit, use of drugs and non-visionary direction are major constraints. All this results in an unstable economy and societal disorder, which can jolt the foundations of any society, and make the future vulnerable.


The youth of Pakistan is also confronting multifaceted existing and upcoming scenarios where they find themselves trapped in distractive, disruptive and non-visionary socio-economic and socio-political environment. This very multi- dimensional and complex situation turning our youth into a blessing with disguise. 


 Our youth has lost its identity and importance. We need to enable our youth to re-discover their identity which they lost over the last 45 years due to the changing environment. There must be remedial measures at government, social and individual levels to restore their confidence. We believe that our demographic situation provides our youth with an extraordinary opportunity to compete in whatever sphere they choose.


The government should pay extra attention to inculcate the youth in socio-politico-economic development. The most important step which needs to be taken in this regard is revision and revival of a national youth policy. In this policy, we have to assemble our youth to act according to the changing dynamics of modern times. Both the government and society must put their endless efforts for the nation-building task.


A Youth TV is pioneer live broadcast web TV of Pakistan. It introduced a new trend in electronic media industry by inviting academicians, research and religious scholars, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, and civil society in our programs. A Youth TV broadcast diverse programs i.e. from domestic affairs to international affairs, entertainment to infotainment programs. We encourage the youth of Pakistan to participate in the mainstream media industry to explore new ideas, concepts to formulate progressive future.




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